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This week, James and Stefan discuss Europe making microUSB a requirement, again, Google Wear and the new LG and Motorola smartwatches, Chromecast finally making it across the pond, the 2014 HTC One, the 50 megapixel Oppo Find 7, the 8 GB iPhone 5c, Xiaomi, Office for iPad, and the UK operator EE going down for nearly half a day.

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On this week's episode, Samsung enters the streaming radio game, Pebble 2.0 finally lands on Android, Instagram gets a massive update, Rolling Stone magazine goes to Vietnam to find the guy behind Flappy Bird, Microsoft makes Windows Phone free in order to increase market share, Google makes cloud storage insanely cheap, and a lengthy discussion examining James' decision to buy his first Sony smartphone. All that and reader questions!

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On this week's episode: James and Stefan quickly talk about Mobile World Congress now that it's been a week and they've had time to digest the news. Google finally fixes Gmail for iOS so that it can download email in the background. Flipboard buys Zite. Samsung stops cheating on benchmarks. Cortana is to Windows Phone what Siri is to iOS. Ashton Kutcher is working on Lenovo tablets, not smartphones. And lastly, what's Facebook going to do with WhatsApp?

It's also worth mentioning that the two repeatedly refer to this episode as "Episode 089" during the program. They obviously can't count.

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Mobile World Congress 2014: Nokia went Android, Samsung went limp, Sony went awesome, and a whole lot more. James and Stefan usually keep the show at no longer than 30 minutes, but an exception had to be made to cover the mobile industry's largest trade show. Also, make sure to watch this YouTube video explaining Project Tango, because it's impossible to do this technological achievement justice using just words.

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On this week's episode: Facebook buy WhatsApp for $19 billion. James is excited, Stefan thinks WhatsApp isn't as special as everyone thinks it is. GetJar gets bought up so they can thrive in China. Yandex takes Android and removes all of Google's services. A whole bunch of HTC One and Galaxy S5 rumors. And Windows Phone finally gets the ability for you to have a wallpaper.

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In this week's episode: Is Nokia really launching an Android phone? Can we finally stop talking about Flappy Bird? What the hell is on the back of the HTC M8? Can Mozilla make people hate Firefox even more than they already do? Why is Pebble 2.0 not available to Android users? Will Windows Phone 8.1 actually be good? And a whole bunch of other questions that you've all submitted via Twitter.

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In this week's episode, James and Stefan discuss Google's sale of Motorola to Lenovo, Samsung's scheduled Galaxy S5 press conference, Microsoft's new CEO and the return of Bill Gates, Facebook Paper, and their thoughts on Sony's smartphones.

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On this week's special one day early edition episode: Google bought an AI company. Apple, Nokia, and Samsung reported their financial earnings, and no one was happy. Google and Samsung agreed to share some patents, though they don't say how many, nor how much money changed hands. There are also a few more device rumors, but seriously, when aren't there? And finally, questions about Nokia's Asha phones, Yahoo!'s mobile strategy (do they even have one?), and the current state of Microsoft.

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On this week's episode, James brings up China's clone of Android, Motorola talks $50 smartphones, Samsung's Galaxy Gear gets hacked to work with a Nexus 5, Chrome for Android compresses your data, and Stefan discusses the rumored Nexus 8, Galaxy S5, and HTC One+.

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On this week's episode, James and Stefan discuss Motorola's Moto X coming to Europe, why HTC's upcoming flagship phone might be dead in the water, Google's silly decision to integrate Google+ with Gmail and the news that they've acquired Nest, Dr. Dre's new streaming music service, and Sony.

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