The Voicemail

This week, James and Stefan tackle: Pebble's new smartwatch options, Motorola's Moto 360, the Timex Ironman, Evan Blass (@evleaks) leaving the internet, Google calling the cops on a paedophile in Texas, Xiaomi kicking Samsung's teeth in, and space. Dark. Infinite. Lonely. Space.

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This week's episode of The Voicemail starts off with Stefan being subjected to a game of "guess the smartphone" by James. Once that's over, the two discuss: Square finally announcing chip-and-pin support, Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, Instagram Bolt, Samsung's rumored Galaxy Alpha, Re/code's interview of the CEO of Best Buy, and Google Cardboard.

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This week's episode is packed. Starting with the news, James and Stefan discuss all the hype around wearables, the Kindle Fire Phone reviews, Apple's financial results, Microsoft's financial results, the new Nokia Lumia 530, Foursquare's new app, Google's new look for the Play Store, Motorola's tattoos, the NVIDIA Shield, and finally the Xiaomi Mi 4.


But wait, there's more! The two also answered listener questions: Why are U.S. operators so horrible? What's OS X Yosemite all about? Will the iPhone 6 deliver on all the hype? Will we see Broadwell laptops this year? And what's the last awesome app you've discovered?

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Apologies for the 24 hour delay, James and Stefan were out enjoying the gorgeous weather. Meteorology report aside, this week the two discussed: Microsoft's 18,000 job cuts, the LG G3 Beat, the HTC One M8, wearable, rollables, and BlackBerry's last gasp for air.

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This week, James and Stefan talk about: Twitter for Windows Phone finally getting an update, Sony's new "selfie" phone, Samsung getting robbed in Brazil, Samsung's virtual reality abomination, Samsung wetting the bed, and the definition of innovation.

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This week, James and Stefan talk about Facebook messing with people's minds, Google buying Songza, the Galaxy S5 Mini, what each of them would miss if they switched platforms, Windows Phone always being behind, and which phone to buy.

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What usually happens is James and Stefan talk about the week's mobile industry news for 30 minutes. Thanks to Google's 2 hour and 40 minute keynote today, the format of the program had to change a little. Just think of this episode as the Google I/O episode and you'll be sorted.

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On this week's episode, James and Stefan discuss: The just announced Amazon phone. Facebook Slingshot. Nokia getting blackmailed. Samsung unveiling the long rumored Galaxy S5 Premium. Nike FuelBand getting Android support. Android launchers. And for the first time ever, a new segment called "Happy News".

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On this week's whiskey-laced episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan make fun of Windows Phone and the One Plus One again, talk about Sony's potential to return to greatness, discuss what comes after the slab smartphone form factor, networks becoming dumb pipes, cooking, and Mario Kart.

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On this week's episode: Stefan struggles to convince James that WWDC was enjoyable. Over in Android-land, Google's operating system gets a new logo. Intel shows off a tablet that's thinner than the iPad Air, yet it runs full blown Windows. Temple Run hits the one billion downloads mark. Is the LG G3 better than the Sony Xperia Z2? And finally, who is Windows Phone actually for?

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