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Nokia's Q2 2012 financial results are out! James and Stefan talk about the numbers. Spoiler: They're bad, but surprisingly not as bad as many of us were expecting. We also discuss mobile gaming and the memories we had growing up. Where is Mario these days? And finally we answer a reader question about corporate email, because ... well, someone has to talk about that sort of stuff.

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What's the definition of a smartphone? Is JollaMobile going to bring MeeGo back? And which phone did James recommend to one of his friends? All that and more in this week's episode!

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Stefan sat down with Jussi Hurmola, the CEO of JollaMobile, for a brief 20 minute question and answer session. Topics include how Jolla plans to enter the market, how the company is structred, and what their ambitions are.

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Is Apple going to come out with a smaller iPad? Is Amazon going to enter the smartphone space? Is Google Now going to change what it means to search? Those are just a handful of the topics that James and Stefan cover in this week's episode. We also asked you guys to send us questions on Twitter, and boy you all delivered!

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How much could have possibly happened in the 9 days that have passed since our last episode went live? Well, there was Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit, where we heard about Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8. And then last night Google I/O kicked off, where we saw Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7, the Nexus Q, and a bunch of people jump out of a plane. We're not making the last one up. Promise!

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This week we're talking about Microsoft's two Surface tablets and whether or not it's dangeous for the software company to compete with their hardware partners. We also discuss feature phones, should they exist in a market with 100 EUR Android smartphones? Stefan says no, James says yes, and you'll just have to tune in to listen to the reasons why.

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We made it, our second episode! But in all seriousness folks, we tried hard to incorporate all they feedback we got from our audience. The audio has been normalized, the content has been organized, and we're here today to blow your mind. Topics include XBOX SmartGlass, Nokia's 10,000 job cuts, and what Apple talked about at their annual WWDC conference. Enjoy!

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Several things happened over the past 24 hours. Episode 001 was download over 200 times, our podcast is now in iTunes, James has agreed to record weekly, and we now have a website where you can leave us comments.

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I'm a huge fan of podcasts, and I've been wanting to start one for as long as I can remember, so I was happy when James Whatley sent me a tweet saying he'd be down to record a 30 minute show every other week. We decided to call our podcast "The Voicemail" since we'll be discussing the mobile industry.

So with that, here's the first episode. In it we introduce ourselves, talk about the devices and currently own, and ponder why NFC hasn't taken off.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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