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Stefan and James went long this week, partly because Stefan couldn't stop gushing about his new iPhone, and partly because James can't get anyone to fix his phone. The two also discussed:

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In this week's episode of The Voicemail, Stefan reveals which iPhone he's preordered, James explains the finer points of a Sunday Roast, and the two also discuss:

  • LG's upcoming event (October 1st)
  • Microsoft's upcoming event (October 6th)
  • Google's upcoming event (September 29th)
  • Amazon's new TV hardware and $50 tablet
  • Sony's 4K phone that's actually rendering (almost) everything at 1080p
  • BlackBerry's upcoming Android phone (four minute video)
  • And a few notes about Android One, Sony's VR project, and Fire Phone jokes
  • One more thing: Technical issues were had, so apologies for any audio glitches. This is also the first episode uploaded at 96 kbps versus 128 kbps. Let James and Stefan know if you can even tell the difference.
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On this special edition episode of The Voicemail, James and Stefan run through Apple's September 9th event play-by-play. That means the latest news on Apple Watch, the iPad Pro, the Apple TV, and of course, the new iPhones.

If you want to watch the event yourself, visit Apple's website.

If you would rather read, check out The Verge's liveblog.

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In this week's hugely anticipated of The Voicemail, James and Stefan discuss:

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