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This week, James turns into a puddle after seeing LG's new flagship phone, Stefan still has no idea what the hell Apple is going to do with Beats, Microsoft turns Skype into the universal translator that science fiction writers have been fantasizing about for decades, Google unveils a car that looks like a gerbil, Spotify gets hacked, and the dynamic duo look back on what's happened in the two years since they first started recording.

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This week's episode was recorded 24 hours earlier than usual because of logistical issues. That being said, James and Stefan still had a ton of things to talk about, including the new Surface, HTC's M8 Prime, Samsung's Galaxy S5 Active, Google now letting you buy apps from the Play Store using PayPal, the return of Flappy Bird this summer, and at least six or seven listener questions.

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On this week's episode, James and Stefan discuss the Moto E and the 4G Moto G, Apple buying Beats (unconfirmed), Nokia's Head of Photography leaving to join Apple, and the two also answer some listener questions about gaming and the next iPhone.

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On this week's episode: Microsoft is holding an event in New York in less than two weeks, what will they show off there? Samsung's Head of Mobile Design, the guy who gave birth to the Galaxy family, is out. Huawei tries to invent a word and fails miserably. Tesco will come out with a phone. And questions about what makes an awesome podcast, should you buy a Google Play Edition HTC One M8, and why does HTC like to talk about butts?

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Show Notes:

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This week's episode of The Voicemail was published 24 hours later than usual because of May Day celebrations in Finland. With that out of the way, here's a list of what James and Stefan discussed on the show: Amazon's phone leaked, Motorola and LG have announced events, Google Now adds parking support, the Sprint/T-Mobile merger in the United States, password management, and Spotify.

The two also answered nine questions, some of which include: Which flagship Android phone should I buy? If you had to buy a phone for someone you hate, which phone would you pick? What do you think about Twitter's ads? And when, if ever, will you take OnePlus seriously?

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