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On this week's special one day early edition episode: Google bought an AI company. Apple, Nokia, and Samsung reported their financial earnings, and no one was happy. Google and Samsung agreed to share some patents, though they don't say how many, nor how much money changed hands. There are also a few more device rumors, but seriously, when aren't there? And finally, questions about Nokia's Asha phones, Yahoo!'s mobile strategy (do they even have one?), and the current state of Microsoft.

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On this week's episode, James brings up China's clone of Android, Motorola talks $50 smartphones, Samsung's Galaxy Gear gets hacked to work with a Nexus 5, Chrome for Android compresses your data, and Stefan discusses the rumored Nexus 8, Galaxy S5, and HTC One+.

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On this week's episode, James and Stefan discuss Motorola's Moto X coming to Europe, why HTC's upcoming flagship phone might be dead in the water, Google's silly decision to integrate Google+ with Gmail and the news that they've acquired Nest, Dr. Dre's new streaming music service, and Sony.

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James and Stefan are back! And for the first episode of 2014, they went a little long. Why? Because CES is currently taking place in Las Vegas, which means a ton of news, that and a record number of listeners have left questions. Questions such as how is James getting along with his new Pebble? What does Stefan think of his Moto G? And will Samsung continue to crush their competitors in 2014?

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