The Voicemail

For 2013's last episode, James and Stefan spent the entire podcast answering questions instead of talking about the week's mobile news. Will Windows Phone market share hit double digits? Is Windows Phone the third ecosystem or is it Chinese Android? What was the most important thing that happened this year? Will smart watches be big in 2014? What's there to look forward to over the course of the next 12 months? All that and much more.

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Google's launched two new "Google Play Edition" devices, rumors are stirring around of a LG G2 Mini, Galaxy Note 3 sales hit 10 million units, Qualcomm's announced their first 64-bit smartphone chip, Nokia is (kind of, but not really) going Android, and Microsoft can't make an ad to save their lives. All that plus listener questions on this week's episode of The Voicemail.

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James is blown away that Three UK now has free roaming in the USA. Galaxy S5 rumors are starting to heat up. Nokia successfully got an HTC phone off the market due to patents. Phones are tablets are soon going to have a new kind of USB connector. And finally, Stefan offers up his initial impressions on the Galaxy Gear.

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