The Voicemail

The final week of Stefan's 2013 record absence and James is joined by none other than the amazing, the astounding, the nothing-short-of-legendary, Rafe Blandford

Why should you care about who he is? Rafe is one third of the 361 Degrees Podcast and also editor-in-chief and co-founder of the All About websites; with his main base of operations these days over at All About Windows Phone

So to celebrate this momentous occasion, the geeky duo select an astonishing amount of news items to discuss, everything from Nokia actually making a profit through to LG phones that fit around your buttocks. Yes, that's right - your buttocks

All this and more, on this week's episode of The Voicemail. 

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Two major things happened this week: Apple said HELLO to a whole bunch of non-iPhone related hardware and Nokia said GOODBYE with a swansong of Windows [Phone] 8 devices large and small larger. 

Both events were excellent in their own right, but to find out what our fearless podcasters think, you're going to have to have put Episode 71 of The Voicemail in your ears pretty darn sharpish. 

Regular listeners will know that Stefan is currently on leave, so this week James is joined by the biggest thing to come out of Austria since Schwarzenegger, the only and only Michael Hell (who's definitely not a Bond villain).  

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Stefan is off on his holidays (AGAIN) so this week, James is joined by fellow mobile broadcaster (from the 361 degrees mobile podcast), and old blogging buddy, Ben Smith. The temporary duo chat about the HTC One Max, global data charges, and dare we say it - the AMAZON PHONE. 

Ben's a nice guy, you should tune in for him alone. 

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Nokia and Apple have gone ahead and double booked their press conferences for October 22nd. HTC has their own press conference on the 15th. And while Google hasn't announced their little shindig yet, both James and Stefan know a new Nexus is coming this month. They also know that Windows Phone just isn't for them, and they're both tired of dealing with apologists for the platform.

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James is either out of town or he's been mauled a bear, the internet isn't really sure. Have no fear, however, because Ricky Cadden is here to take his place. In order to celebrate, Stefan the rambling savant put off discussing random news itmes and instead listened to Ricky geek out about 3D printers, Android ROMs, and Steve Ballmer crying. You don't want to miss this one.

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