The Voicemail

On this week's episode, Stefan forgets how to use a computer, James strangles the person responsible for creating Windows Phone, BlackBerry does the impossible and becomes even more irrelevant, and Microsoft unveils two new products that only three or four people will buy.

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No Stefan this week, so Matt Brian, from Engadget, stepped in to fill for him. Want to know why Stefan couldn't make it? Well, it's James' fault mainly, but there's more to it than that. That, along with Android on Nokia phones, Jolla running Android apps, and a whole lot more on this week's episode of THE VOICEMAIL. 

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Topics discussed this week: The new iPhones! A Kickstarter for an external camera flash the size of a credit card. The sexy-ness that is the Nokia E71. More thoughts on Windows Phone. And listeners questions. Many, many listener questions.

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All this happened in the span of seven days: Microsoft bought Nokia (the handset business, not the whole company). Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear. Sony announced a pair of soup can cameras and yet another phone with a "meh" display. Google was diagnosed with diabetes. And James saw a rainbow.

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