The Voicemail

Stefan has a Nokia Lumia 925 in his pocket, what does he think of it? James finds out about the Nexus 4 price drop, does he surviving his ensuing heart attack? All that and talk about the HTC One Max, the Galaxy Note III, and some fond reminiscing of the summer that's soon about to end are on this week's episode.

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On this week's episode, James and Stefan discuss Samsung's ridiculous dominance of the Android landscape, why HTC is in the dumps, LG's new super-duper-OMG 5.5 inch LCD with more pixels than one knows what to do with, and carrot cake.

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On this week's episode, James and Stefan discuss Sony's weird new "Lens Cameras", the LG marketing stunt that put people in the hospital, Apple's upcoming event on the 10th of September, Samsung's and Sony's events, both taking place on September 4th, Lenovo making more money from phones and tablets than PCs, and they even answer a handful of listener questions!

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James flew all the way to Finland to record this episode of The Voicemail. No, not really, James really came here for a music festival, but either way, this is officially the first episode of the podcast recorded face to face! What did Stefan do to welcome James to The Land of 1,000 Lakes? Buy James three beers. And with that, let the discussion of the LG G2, HTC One, and Vodafone 4G LTE commence.

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James straps a camera to his neck this week, HTC announces that they're going to lose money for the first time in the company's history, Samsung isn't going to fix your waterproof phone if it gets water damage, and a whole bunch of listeners get their questions answered.

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