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This week, Stefan and James were given a challenge to talk about things they're actually excited about. Do such objects even exist? Stefan also recounts the harrowing tale of his trip to London last week while James battles to stay awake. When James finally does get a chance to say something, he simply can't stop gushing about his HTC One, which is in the news again thanks to it now being offered with stock Android.

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Stefan is about to leave for an event in London, James is thrilled about Microsoft's new XBOX 180, and Nokia is going to hold an event next month to announce the camera phone the world has been waiting for. Unfortunately, however, it runs Windows Phone.

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Apple showed off iOS 7 on Monday, and it looks ... interesting. Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 Zoom, is it really better than Nokia's PureView? Speaking about Nokia, everyone in the new Superman movie uses a Windows Phone. Also in the news, Reuters says Apple is thinking about making a 4.7 inch and a 5.7 inch iPhone. And finally, Google is trying to make mobile sites suck less.

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On this week's episode, James and Stefan realize they've been recording the show for a year. They also realize that nothing of any major significance happened between the last episode and this one, which made for some awkward silences and terrible puns.

But don't worry, next week is WWDC and E3. The 20th is Samsung's day. And Microsoft has something up their sleeves for the 26th. There should be plenty to talk about then.

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