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This was a slow news week. Everyone is winding down, because June is going to be insane. There's Computex in Taiwan, E3 in L.A., WWDC in San Francisco, Samsung's got an event in London, as does Huawei, then there's Microsoft's Build Conference. Ugh, it just doesn't stop.

All that being said, James and Stefan did find a few things to talk about. Namely, Samsung's Finnish invasion, Huawei's shameless iPhone rip-off, and the two tackle a troll who left one of the worst comments to ever be written on the internet.

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James is back from his holiday, and Stefan's mom is back in Texas. On this week's episode, the two talk about the new Jolla phone, and whether or not it stands a chance; HTC's problem retaining key employees, and what that means for the future of the company; Samsung's dominance; and finally, the Xbox One.

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Stefan survived the 57 hour Google I/O keynote and spends the first half of this week's episode talking about why it was a disappointment. The second half of the show was dominated by James, speaking about Nokia's new phones for Europe and America, and why you shouldn't discount Hipstamatic. There's also two user questions at the end about Google, are they starting to be too creepy?

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People keep on asking Stefan when he's going to publish his Nokia Lumia 620 review. Well, DHL just came by his office to pick it up, so he thought to himself this would be the perfect time to talk into the microphone for 20 minutes about his experience of going to back to Windows Phone.

And for those of you wonder where James is, don't worry, he'll be on this week. Promise.

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Nokia came out with a smarter feature phone today, and soon they're going to unveil a pair of new Lumia phones. It's a shame they're not going to run Android. Speaking about Google, I/O kicks off on May 15th. Does anyone really know what those crazy guys will announce? James took a knife to Moleskine® notebook, but it was a for a good cause. All that and more on this week's episode, which features a record low number of swear words. Promise.

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James and Stefan nearly forgot that they had a podcast to record this week, but at the last minute their brains activated a dozen or so additional neurons to remind them of their duties. This ensuing 30 minute Skype call can best be described as equal parts exhaustion, delusion, and wonder.

Oh and one more thing, make sure you watch Microsoft's new Windows Phone ad and Samsung India's Gangnam Style remix. You're not going to regret it, and combined they'll take just a couple of minutes to consume.

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