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Stefan's back, and he's sounding pretty hoarse, but he's got enough voice in him to talk about his adventures in South East Asia. And as for the news, James likes HTC's One, but Stefan doesn't. On the flip side, James doesn't like the Galaxy S4, but Stefan does. Apple can't build a website to save their lives (see this tweet), and no one cares about BlackBerry. That last bit isn't really news though, is it?

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In this, the final episode of The Voicemail before the return of Stefan Constantinescu, James is joined by mobile geek extraordinaire, Terence Eden

The show was recorded a mere two hours before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, so the pair of podcasters simply guess at just how awesome (or boring) the newly announced device will be; lasers and all. Also covered: mobile security flaws, life blogging, the death of Google Reader (shield your ears), and finally .tel domains: are they worth it?

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Techcrunch writer, Natasha Lomas, is James' guest this week and brings her own unique point of view on the mobile news that you need to know. The duo manage to cover a lot of ground, including: Sailfish at MWC, the Samsung SIV eye-tracking rumours, and Nokia's attempts at woo-ing Instagram (we're not kidding). 

Amongst all that, there's some listener questions (well, one) and Natasha comes up with an awesome nickname for the soon-to-return Stefan. 

Two links this week: first, to the Samsung smart screen leak; and second to the Apple innovation article discussed near the ned. 

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The Barcelona hangover is slowly passing and James is glad to be joined by MWC-attendee, Dan Carter (aka Mobile Man Dan), senior editor over at Cool Smart Phone and of course, a certifiable mobile geek.

Topics up for dicussion include: disgustingly cheap (smart?)phones, the latest news from Mobile World Congress 2013, and we compare the shiny new Sony Xperia Z to the even shinier HTC One. 

Links mentioned: the Samsung Beam at Not at MWC, the proximity sensor thing that James doesn't know the name of is in fact called 'Mobeam', and *that* screenshot.

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