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What's that? Blackberry are BACK? James doesn't believe it for a second. So it's a damn good job he's got all-round Blackberry expert (and Editor-in-Chief of leading mobile website Mobile Industry Review) Mr Ewan Macleod, to help him out. 

Ewan's been using the Blackberry Z10 for a week or so now and well, if you tune in right now you can find out what he really thinks. James didn't wait, which means you shouldn't either. 

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Another week, another episode of The Voicemail without Stefan. The good news is James is fairly adept at dragging in his mobile friends and cohorts and this week is no exception. Mobile expert and industry veteran, FJ van Wingerde, steps into the fray and brings anecdotes a plenty to the weekly news roundup. 

BUT WHAT IS THAT NEWS? You cry...  Well, Nokia announced its last Symbian smartphone, rumours abound of what their next PureView device might be aaaand FJ digs into the deepest darkest corners of... the rumour mill

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Stefan is still [somewhere] in Thailand without Wi-Fi so it falls to serial mobile entrepenuer and all round technology-madman, Dan Lane, to join James on the show.

Up for discussion this week: RIM announces bigger carrots for Blackberry developers, Microsoft attempts to save the world*, and Dan and James discover they both have an aversion to the word 'Phablet'.

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*turns out Dan already did this, five years ago.

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This week Stefan couldn't make the podcast as he's travelling around Asia on the hunt for decent Wi-Fi (hence the slight delay in publication); true story. So instead, Ben Smith from Wireless Worker (and 361 Degrees) joins James to talk about stuff and nonsense from CES, Nokia's numbers, and the two tackle what they think is the best app for keeping fit.

Stefan might be back next week, he might not. We shall have to wait and see.

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In this week's episode: Ubuntu is coming to smartphones ... in 2014. Google doesn't want to let Microsoft have a nice YouTube app, so Microsoft complains like a little girl. James broke his Nokia Lumia 920, Stefan is going on a three month expedition without his beloved microphone, and both of them contemplate what's going to happen this year.

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