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This is officially the last episode of The Voicemail for the year 2012. What do James and Stefan talk about? The failure of NFC, an iPhone case that comes with an e-ink screen, and Google turning off Exchange support in Gmail. The two also tackle listener questions about the worst smartphone ever invented, the 4G LTE situation in the UK, and the declining significance of Europe with respect to the mobile industry.

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This week James is pretty sick, so we decided to record a bit earlier than usual. What did we talk about? A new phone from Russia with two screens, Google Maps coming back to iOS, some positive HTC news for a change, and we spend the last act of the show talking about our favorite devices of the year.

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On this week's episode: Nokia announced a $249 Windows Phone 8 handset, is it going to fly off store shelves? Apple is going to start making stuff in America, are they doing it for the publicity? Instagram and Twitter are fighting, why are these two companies acting like children? SMS turns 20, The Daily shuts down, and James calls a woman a cow.

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