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This week was mental. Apple launched a smaller iPad, a newer new iPad, and a retina 13 inch MacBook Pro. Microsoft launched a Windows machine that doesn't run all your old Windows software. EE launched a 4G LTE network that only rich people can use. Everything there is to know about Google's Android event next week got leaked. And our list of listener questions filled up quite a few number of binders.

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Nokia reported their Q3 2012 financial results a few hours ago, Microsoft told the world how much the Suface is going to cost, and both Google and Apple have invited the press to events on the opposite sides of the United States. Can James and Stefan cram all that news, plus listener questions, into a 30 minutes episode? Nope, they went a little bit over.

You know what that means, bring out the pitchforks!

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James and Stefan answered quite a numer of listener questions this week, but not before discussing the news! Samsung announced a smaller version of the Galaxy S III, is it any good? Leaked photos of the next Nexus phone have surfaced, is it a handsome device? HTC can't seem to make any money, is it because their phones aren't competitive enough? You'll want to tune into this one, though a small warning: James is sick, so he may cough from time to time.

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The week James is one angry bastard thanks to several recent events that have taken place in the UK. Stefan, being his nonchalant self, tries to sooth the frustration, anguish, and torment that James experiences during their conversation. The two also discuss Nokia's supposed plan to sell their head office, Microsoft's official date and time for the Windows Phone 8 launch, Jolla, and of course a couple of reader questions.

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