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This week Stefan and James are joined by Benny Crime, maker of one of the most hilarious iPhone 5 unboxing videos to ever be recorded. Together they discuss which phones are worth buying, the murderous rampage inducing bug that's in every Samsung Android smartphone, and wireless charging. James ran out of bandwidth during the recording, and Stefan lost his mind.

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This week James and Stefan discuss Google's relationship with China, Motorola's new Intel based smartphone, HTC's two new Windows Phone 8 devices and how they impact Nokia's deal with Microsoft, the complete and utter failure that is the "Maps" application in iOS6, and they also spend quite a bit of time answering questions from you, the audience.

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This week Apple decided to make the iPhone taller, so in response James and Stefan made this episode longer. But in all seriousness, poor James had to tether to have a Skype call because his internet was down, and that rascal Stefan had an epic hard drive failure last night that completely ruined his workflow. Major niggles aside, besides the iPhone, these two chaps also discussed the state of Windows Phone 8, the UK's first 4G LTE network, and what phones might look like in five years time.

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This week Stefan had a little bit too much to drink, James gave him a lot of shit for it, and Nokia showed off two Windows Phone 8 devices. That and there's the new Kindles, which these guys couldn't talk about in detail because Amazon's keynote was taking place during the recording. Oh and Motorola made another phone with a battery the size of a Gutenberg Bible.

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