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James is back from his trip to Africa, which is perfect timing since one of the largest trade shows in Europe just finished. Topics discussed in this week's show include Samsung's Note II, their difficult to pronounce Windows Phone 8 handset, Sony's three new Xperia devices, and more tangets about Android than you can shake a stick at.

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James is currently in Africa hunting wild animals, so this week Stefan sits down to talk with Ricky Cadden. The two of them tackle issues such as crack addiction, Nikon's first camera to be powered by Android, what does the world look like after touch input, Twitter's API changes, and America's growing obsession with prepaid wireless service.

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James got a Nokia PureView 808 last week, is it any good? Also in the news: Motorola laid off 4,000 people, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a steaming pile of plastic, Flash is dead ... kind of, and Google bought a company that prints travel guides.

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To celebrate their 10th episode, James and Stefan ran, quite literally, through ten news items. Starbucks investing in Square, Valve's decision to offer apps on Steam, confirmation that the new iPhone will have a screen that's 1136 pixels tall, NASA's mission to the red planet, a whole bunch of Nokia things, and to top it all off we answer some reader questions. Phew!

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This week James and Stefan discuss about Google's acquisition of Wildfire. No one really talked about it, so is it important? According to James, it's one of the biggest to happen in the social media space since Mark Zuckerberg was born. We also tackle the Samsung versus Apple nonsense that's clogging the airwaves, Windows 8 RTM-ing, the death of Hotmail and why Outlook has to do a hell of a lot to prove itself, the Nexus Q, and finally some reader questions.

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