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This is officially the last episode of The Voicemail for the year 2012. What do James and Stefan talk about? The failure of NFC, an iPhone case that comes with an e-ink screen, and Google turning off Exchange support in Gmail. The two also tackle listener questions about the worst smartphone ever invented, the 4G LTE situation in the UK, and the declining significance of Europe with respect to the mobile industry.

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This week James is pretty sick, so we decided to record a bit earlier than usual. What did we talk about? A new phone from Russia with two screens, Google Maps coming back to iOS, some positive HTC news for a change, and we spend the last act of the show talking about our favorite devices of the year.

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On this week's episode: Nokia announced a $249 Windows Phone 8 handset, is it going to fly off store shelves? Apple is going to start making stuff in America, are they doing it for the publicity? Instagram and Twitter are fighting, why are these two companies acting like children? SMS turns 20, The Daily shuts down, and James calls a woman a cow.

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James got a Nokia Lumia 920 last week. A red one. What does he think about it? Let's just say he'll be taking a few anger management classes before the Christmas holiday. Meanwhile, Stefan tweeted something funny about the Microsoft Surface Pro pricing. So funny that it ended up being retweeted over 140 times. And then there's Apple. We all now that the guy in charge of iOS was fired. Well guess what? Now the guy who was in charge of Apple Maps got fired! Will things finally start getting better?

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James is now one year older, but is he any wiser? Stefan spent a day at a conference about startups. Did you know that Stefan hates startups? But seriously, there's little to no news this week, other than Jolla finally showing the world what they've been working. So tune in, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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The Nexus 4 goes on sale ... for about 30 minutes, HTC and Apple have agreed to stop suing each other over patents, Nokia Maps is now called "Here", the guy who was responsible for getting Windows 8 out the door has been fired, and more reader questions than we've ever received in the history of this podcast. You'll want to listen to this one!

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The Surface Phone rumors refuses to die, James has a new phone with an Intel chip inside, the Nokia Lumia 920 finally has a U.S. launch data and price, and is Microsoft working on a 7 inch XBOX tablet? All that and more on this week's episode!

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New York became Atlantis this week, so Google had to cancel their Android event. Luckily however, they still announced everything they were planning to announce via this amazing piece of technology called the internet. On the other side of the country, Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8 ... again. And let's not forget about Apple, what the hell did they do to get attention? They let go of the guy who was in charge of iOS. Apparently he was a dick. All that and more on this week's episode!

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Oh and one more thing: Today is the first day of "Movember", the month where men abstain from shaving their faces in order to raise awareness for testicular cancer. James is taking part this year. If you'd like to donate to the cause, please use the following link.

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This week was mental. Apple launched a smaller iPad, a newer new iPad, and a retina 13 inch MacBook Pro. Microsoft launched a Windows machine that doesn't run all your old Windows software. EE launched a 4G LTE network that only rich people can use. Everything there is to know about Google's Android event next week got leaked. And our list of listener questions filled up quite a few number of binders.

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Nokia reported their Q3 2012 financial results a few hours ago, Microsoft told the world how much the Suface is going to cost, and both Google and Apple have invited the press to events on the opposite sides of the United States. Can James and Stefan cram all that news, plus listener questions, into a 30 minutes episode? Nope, they went a little bit over.

You know what that means, bring out the pitchforks!

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