The Voicemail

Last week, James and Stefan told you they'd have new toys to talk about on the show. The Gods of Logistics have ruined that dream. But have no fear, there's always something to discuss. On this week's episode: The Amazon Phone leaked. The iPhone 6 leaked (kind of). The LG G3 leaked (at least the box did). The fingerprint reader in the Galaxy S5 was "hacked". And Google bought Titan Aerospace.

More importantly, they answered seven listener questions, which has to be some kind of record: What do you guys think about Heartbleed and privacy in general? Will Microsoft ruin Nokia after the acquisition? Which flagship (Android) phone should I buy? Why doesn't the new fancy keyboard in Windows Phone 8.1 support my language? What's your favorite podcast and podcast app? When will Xiaomi come to the United States? Are there any apps I can install on my Android phone that will show me what's killing my battery?

As always, feedback is appreciated, and if you use iTunes to listen to The Voicemail, do James and Stefan a solid and rate the show. It makes the show move up the charts, which translates into more listeners. Show Notes:

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